Research and Evaluation


Internal changes to an establishment are due to the evolution of its activities: growth, downsizing, or change of strategic direction. Without the necessary detachment of perspective, sense of neutrality or expertise, both public and private sector organisations call for external intervention in order to clarify complex situations and propose potential solutions or innovation. It is these types of organisations that we aim to help with this service.

We work principally in the area of structural reorganisation and work techniques; most often in the domain of human resources and strategic development of internal structure.

Intake: We focus all our attention on the demands of the client and build the model of change upon its pre-existing governance structure (especially when dealing with the restructuration of human resources).
Research and development:
We apply ourselves to the observation and analysis of the current state of the organisation. This constitutes the "As is" phase of the process. The results of this observations and analysis are presented to begin the second "To be" phase of formulating solutions to observed problems.

The entire exercise is fundamentally participation based and constructive. We find that the best ideas, even those most difficult to accept, work much better through the fact that they are developed by the members of the organisation in question through a series of workshops. Our approach during these workshops draws on creative tools from the Thiagi school.


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