Interpersonal communication

Any individual keen on improving his communicative skills with colleagues, partners, collaborators, clients… Group sizes: minimum 7, maximum 18.

By the end of the programme, participants will understand their own habits and style of communication as well as that of others around them. To meet this goal, they will have come to terms with any personal strengths and weaknesses and learned new techniques for expressing and receiving compliments, criticism, requests and refusal.

This module is comprised of two daylong sessions, separated by a period of 2 to 3 weeks in order to put new skills into practice between both sessions.

Day 1: Gaining awareness of one's own personal style and the style of those around me in order to improve my group communication techniques: use of simple and intuitive models (social styles and meta programmes).

Day 2: Learning to give and receive feedback assertively and non-confrontationally in order to improve interaction through the use of appropriate communicative techniques.

Coaching in English or French – 1 trainer for groups up to 9, 2 trainers coaches for larger groups.

It is possible to have the training days back to back, but this reduces the effect of the intersession period.


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