Time Management

Multi-task managers in various sectors who require constant reprioritisation. Individuals exposed to multiple stresses (deadlines, responsibilities, pressure). Individuals who are pressured by external demands and expectations. Group sizes, minimum 7, maximum 12.

By the end of the programme, participants will have understood their own time management techniques and their relative strengths and weaknesses. They will have been exposed to solutions pertinent to their weaknesses and will be able to apply theoretical concepts to this sort of management. They will have established a realistic action plan in which to apply their newly learned skills.

This module takes place over two consecutive days. We recommend that it be followed by at least one hour of personal individual coaching (see "Options")
Day 1: What are the different time-management strategies? What is my time-management strategy? What is the strategy of those around me? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Is there any common ground between the two?
Day 2: What are the tools and tips that will help me manage my time more effectively? Concepts of priority, acknowledgement of limitations, delegation and communication. What new time-management strategies can help me develop my own transitional action plan?

Coaching in English or in French. 1 coach for groups up to 9 people, 2 coaches for larger groups.

Time management touches on very personal aspects of personality and of the organisation. We therefore recommend an hour-long individual coaching session to cement new concepts and prepare for a firm implementation of the action plan developed on Day 2.


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