Foresee change management

TARGET CLIENT Change has never been as important as it is today. The question is no longer "what to aim for", but rather "how to get there". Our programme is targeted at individuals managing internal projects; visionaries who may not be fully comfortable with the particularities of change and transition: growth, downsizing, new products/services, restructuring, and new work methods… Group sizes: minimum 7, maximum 14.

By the end of the programme, participants will have understood the various steps, implications, consequences, medium term risks and solutions. They will understand what is involved in a project requiring change: internal relations, external relations (consultants etc.), and costs… They will be aware of the most dangerous traps and the appropriate solutions to these.

What is change? What limiting beliefs may we have about it? Transition and governance: what system to use? How to distil the complex to something clear and simple? (open system model). The key to success = a human element at the heart of change: How? (Change Strategy and emotions, cycles of transition, participation). Re-evaluation of the participants' projects, individual action plans.

Most importantly: asking oneself questions to adapt to each unique situation. The training is based on a theory/experimentation system. It is fuelled by participants' contributions and on the process of transition that takes place throughout the day.

The pallet of possible changes is limitless. All is based on the needs of the individual. We can also offer one or more hours of extra individual coaching focusing on the particularities of the individual.


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