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You have taken on a challenge. Or… You seek to find a solution to a recurring problem. Or… You are keen to expand your horizons, learn a new skill or lead a more efficient lifestyle (sport, music, art, wellbeing, humanitarian action…). Or… You would like to see a dream project come to fruition. Or… Your life is taking an important turn. Or… In theory everything is as it should be, yet you still do not feel satisfied. Or… you have trouble picturing your retirement.

You will 1) become fully aware of the totality of the problem/desire/project you have in mind, 2) Create an action plan, 3) Identify what resources you have at your disposal to counter any obstacles, 4) Proceed with concrete and measurable steps, 5) evaluate results.

At every stage, your coach will present you with all the elements necessary to reflect constructively and progress, pushing you to overcome any reticence, doubts and limits on creativity, magnifying your performances all the while remaining respectful of your availability and your energy. In this guise, we will be incredibly attentive to your environment and how you function within it, your beliefs, all that is important to you and most importantly who you truly are.

Coaching does not mean "advising"!
Indeed, we generally only take in 20% of other people's advice, and the solutions that we find ourselves for our problems are often better suited than those of others. Our requirement is that you are willing to take into account and consider all possible routs towards a goal… This is where you will find our added value!

And what about technical improvement?
Coaching comes in when knowledge no longer provides any clarification and when lessons or tuition come to the end of their capacities. Coaching is, in a sense, a mirror that helps you reflect on your progress, maintain a clear idea of your direction and aims, foster creativity, prioritising and acting on an established plan.

A first meeting will allow us to lay the framework, to better understand the situation and to begin to move towards the clarification of the final objective. Then come the coaching sessions that usually include 5 to 10 hour-long sessions.

In the event that client and coach are unable to meet in person, sessions can easily be held over the phone or via Skype, making it possible to work with people the world over. (Such has already been the case with clients in Kenya, Japan, Belgium and Italy).

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