Intercultural Awareness and Expatriation

The success of an individual’s assimilation into a new cultural context rests, on one hand, in the ability to integrate new environments, and on the other, the richness of his or her personal project and the compatibility of this project with a spouse. This Programme is targeted at individuals or couples in the process of expatriation. Group size: minimum 7, maximum 14.

By the end of the programme, the participant and his/her spouse will have improved their skills and ability to integrate new environments, both cultural and professional, no matter the country of destination: independence, perseverance, observation, creativity. They will also have better integrated the idea of expatriation into a medium term life projection, rendering the entire undertaking less daunting.

Day 1: Establishment of the step-by-step process of expatriation and an acknowledgment of the resources available in the new environment.
Day 2: Ethnocentricity and Interculturalism: know ones own prejudices; ones own critical intercultural areas and their associated risks.
Day 3: Practical integration skills: What are they and how to improve them? Expatriation project: what common ground or compatibility is there between my own project and that of my spouse?

Understanding cultural ways and practices is only a small part of integration. On the contrary, openness, tolerance, imagination and perseverance are more important elements. These elements require that the training be participative, using real-life examples and underpinned by a personal action plan of intercultural improvement.

Depending on the personal needs of participants, this modular programme can be reduced to one or two days, or extended to cover four or five days, including extra modules such as health or expat security. Long-distance individual coaching is also possible in order to deepen certain elements of intercultural abilities. A programme spanning only one or two days can take place entirely through Skype video sessions.


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