Who you are...

• You are an organisation in the process of transition with a desire to prepare for change as best you can in order to avoid the usual pitfalls.

• You are in charge of a Human Relations department and you are keen for individuals in your organisation benefit from a personalised guidance in order to perfect their skillsets, understanding or wellbeing.

• You are an individual and are keen to prepare yourself seriously for a future job. It may seem highly attractive, but it may also involve challenges that you are not yet ready to face.

• You are a couple with a particular project (expatriation, moving home etc.) but you still have reservations and discussions often lead nowhere. You are keen to confront your motivations and aim for your dreams, all the while remaining realistic and respectful towards one another.

• You are an expat in an interesting job, but one that you find particularly stressful. You would like an external source of support that can help you perfect your abilities tied to the stresses of expatriation.

• You are a business that has come to the conclusion that your expats would increase their efficiency if they were better prepared to take on this adventure.


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