Team coaching

Group Coaching is aimed at groups of individuals that are undergoing a period of transition. This change may call for guidance in terms of critical thinking, creativity, problem solving, prioritisation, creating of an action plan, and decisions of responsibility.

These groups come from private establishments, institutions, nationals associations or even international organisations.
The size of a group will depend on its specific needs. The benefits of coaching being adaptability and versatility with regards to client needs, it is just as feasible to work with smaller groups (5 people) as it is with larger ones (80 people).

Group coaching helps teams reach a higher level of achievement and creativity during periods of change. It identifies the group's needs and draws them to the attention of everyone involved. Instead of offering didactic solutions, group coaching aims to ignite creativity within each of the members in the hope of moving towards a common goal.

Stage 1: Evaluation of the client's needs: Interviews, research, and satisfaction poll…
Stage 2: Feedback presented to the project backer and decision on what sort of coaching is necessary. Stage 3: Coaching and evaluation.

The coach is a facilitator, fostering the efficiency of the process by monitoring the content of the course, interpersonal matters, and practical logistics (timing etc.) The coach remains respectful towards the group and its culture while maintaining a detached stance and challenging the group in ways to help it evolve and develop in the right direction.

Group coaching can be comprised in a larger-scale process of an organisation's evaluation. Also, it is often complemented by a series of individual coaching sessions or practical trainings depending on the needs uncovered during the group sessions.


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