Team Building

A good team is made up of individuals who have a role that is recognised by their team members and which is in concordance with their relative skills and competences. Group sizes: minimum 10, maximum 25.

The objective of the programme is to foster the transition of a group of individuals to that of a single unity, and subsequently to a team. In addition, it aims to generate the idea of complementarity and common interests. Team building gives individuals a chance to establish more comfortably their position in the team in the pursuit of a common goal.


Day 1:
Diagnostic exercise to establish the current state of ‘health’ of the team. This consists of a series of games and activities, both indoor and outdoor.

Day 2: Putting the team on a path towards its common objective in a natural environment, far from everyday hustle and bustle… The palate of activities is extensive: their selection will be determined by the nature of the team’s objectives.

Humani Centre’s Team Building programme is based on principles of leadership, active listening, respect for others and appreciation of varying skillsets. Far from the step-by-step approach of traditional team building programmes, participants play a very active role through hands-on team coaching techniques. Both days are co-organised with Gauthier de Pierpont of Pierpont & Pierpont (Team Dynamics and Human Resources management) Language: English or French.

The two days are standard but the programme can extend to 4 days depending on the team’s requirements and can include “group bonding expeditions”.


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